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9 Sober Mom Accounts You Should Follow On Instagram

By Alyson Premo (@alys_wickedsober)

Let’s just cut to the chase and talk about these influential sober mom’s!

Jen @resurrektion_of_me

Jen just celebrated 8 years of sobriety and in this past year has published her first book, “Shape of a Woman.” The pain and trauma of her childhood left her with a void that addiction filled. She has conquered her demons and has come out the other side stronger than ever. She is so supportive in the sober community and every Friday she has “Fierce Female Friday’s” where she highlights a badass woman in recovery.

Laura McKowen @laura_mckowen

I feel like Laura is one of the pioneers of the sober movement on Instagram. She’s an amazing writer and really gets to the depth of the soul with her work. She has been on the Today Show talking about the dangers of motherhood and drinking, as well as featured in articles like this one from Huffington Post. She brings great knowledge and insight into the mommy wine culture.

Karli @its_karliwithak

If you’re classy with a side of hood (and I’m not only talking about motherhood), then Karli is your girl. Her love for old school hip hop, coffee, and AA keep her going on a daily basis. A Navy veteran who has been through hell and back, but now has over 3 years sober. She’s always putting her son’s first, and trusting God’s master plan.

Rachel @and_she_goes_on

Rachel with her big smile, southern charm, and quick wit has lifted me up on days that I didn’t even want to smile. She’s always looking for the good even when God brings struggles into her life. Plus she goes on some pretty amazing trips, so if you’re wondering how to travel without booze she can show you how.

Lauren @laurenrichellequigley

Jessica from The Blue Pencil Podcast said it best, “Lauren is like the Rachel Hollis of sobriety.” And I couldn’t agree more! She has a boho vibe and infectious smile that lights up your feed. She is full of positivity and happiness that will show you sobriety isn’t boring at all.

The Blue Pencil Podcast Mamas @thebluepencilpodcast

Jessica and Jen have been friends since college, and are at similar stages in their sobriety. After 6 years of trying to get sober and failed attempts, Jen has reached her longest period of abstaining from alcohol. Persistence and resilience is key, so if you’re need of some motivation and reminders that you can do this sober life, then she’s your girl.

I remember Jessica not wanting to publicly show her face on her Instagram page. She was feeling the shame that most of us feel in the beginning. But now she is open and freely sharing her journey. In recent news she has decided to leave her husband. If you’re in a similar stage where you’ve gotten sober and are now realizing your worth and ditching bad relationships to the curb, then I’d suggest giving her a follow. And of course subscribe to their podcast! They’ve had some pretty amazing guests on so far. Amy Dresner, Lauren Quigley, and myself so head on over and have a listen.

Morgan @msmpls

I first connected with Morgan when she submitted her story to be featured on Sober Mom Tribe. Through reading her story it made me realize the role postpartum depression can play in addiction. From having her story published on Sober Mom Tribe a few months ago to now, she has become an advocate for Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Minnesota. What I love about Morgan is that she is authentic and is truly grateful to be a sober mom. If you're struggling with postpartum depression, I would definitely recommended checking her pagel out.

Jade @s0ul-vibes

I found Jade through a mutual friend, Julie @serenity_lives09 who I have looked up to since the beginning of my sober journey. Jade is such a sweet soul and her selfie game is on point. The California sunshine and ocean shots don’t disappoint either. Her page is a mix of humor and real talk. She's active in the AA community, and proof that you can fall down, but all that matters is picking yourself back up. Only way we grow is through our struggles and she can attest to that.

Renee @soberwitch

Renee is such a funny, say it how it is, kind soul and I’m so glad to have found her on Instagram. Through the process of finding her true self, she has created Sober Sister Circles. These are events where sober or sober curious women come together to share, connect, and celebrate the sober goddess they really are. Her next event is August 11th in Medfield, MA and I’m finally going to be heading up there to experience it first hand. I can’t wait!

There are so many other sober mother’s that have been a prominent part of my journey. Whether you’re on day 1 or day 1,000 you’re all inspiring someone. Just search #sobermom on Instagram and you’ll see so many of us out there spreading the message of hope and wellness. Enjoy your day mama’s!